You're welcome to join our church family at 10AM on Sunday, where we learn about God and his son Jesus through great bible teaching. 

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We believe Jesus is the son of the living God, who came to us as a man, was crucified rose again to bring us back into friendship with God – the way we were created to be.

In a fallen world, it's comforting to claim God's promise of eternal life with Him, his free gift of grace to all who believe in Christ's name. We hope you'll join us at St Matts to get to know Jesus for yourself.

If you'd like to know more, join one of our short Life explored courses. Or if you would like to find out more about the good news about Jesus, visit


1. Do I need to be a believer to come along?

Definitely not. You are welcome to come along just to have a look or to ask the tough questions.  But we'd like you to know none of us is perfect and we were all new to church once. We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and have experienced different degrees of brokenness. We continue coming because Jesus offers forgiveness to everyone, the truth stands up to scrutiny and is relevant to our lives, and we appreciate the community. 

2. What happens in a Sunday meeting?

We start with singing and hear an engaging talk from the Bible that is relevant to everyday life. We tend to work through a series of messages that follow a book in the Bible. We pray and enjoy more singing. You're welcome to participate as much or as little as you like. Our services last about 75 minutes. Afterwards, you're welcome to stay around to meet people, and enjoy being part of our community. Our coffee's pretty good too. 

3. What about my baby, kids or teenagers?

There are lots of kids at St Matts from babies to teenagers and we welcome all ages in our meetings. We have a parents room for babies, creche for the young ones and safe children's and youth programs during our service.  We know sometimes kids settle happily and sometimes they are a bit shy or are out-of-sorts.  Be assured kids and youth are valued members of the St Matts family and we've a team of people to help them feel at home. 

Our history and future

In March 2011, a church was started at Botany Public School Hall. The initial launch group comprised 35 adults and 20 children from Wild Street Anglican Church in Maroubra. In February 2014 this group moved to meet in the St Matts building. St Matts has a long and rich history. Built around 1860, the church has served the community for about 150 years. St Matts currently has inadequate facilities for our ministry needs and groups such as Kids Club. In August 2017 we completed development of facilities at St Matts for church and community use. We are an Anglican church with people of various ages, cultures, backgrounds and denominations.

Our minister


Kurt Peters is the Minister at St Matts Anglican Church. Kurt has a post graduate degree in theology and counselling. He is married to Kelly who runs the Sunday kids church. Kurt and Kelly moved to Botany in 2004 while working for Wild Street Anglican Church. They love the people of Botany and are looking forward to seeing St Matts make an impact on the community.


For an easy explanation of the good news about Jesus, visit



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