Hire St Matts
Multi-purpose hall


St Matts Multi-purpose hall

The St Matts hall is a large, open space (7m x 14m) with lots of natural light and well-appointed kitchen facilities. There is level access to the hall, an accessible toilet and two other toilets. Outside a children’s sandpit and playground are available for use by hirers. There is also a large undercover area with a sink and some picnic tables.

How to book

  1. Read through the FAQ below

  2. Check available dates on the calendar --->

  3. Fill out the St Matts hall booking request form below

What are the hire rates?

$60.50/hour for a one-off booking or $55/hour for a regular booking+ insurance
$363/day+ insurance (All prices inclusive of GST)
Please include any time you need for set-up/pack-up in your booking

What equipment is available for use?

  • The kitchen includes an extra wide oven (90cm) and cooktop, two microwaves, a full-size fridge/freezer, a dishwasher and instant boiling and chilled water. Urns are available on request.
  • The kitchen has plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and cutlery for approximately 50 people.
  • The are kitchen utensil and jugs available for use.
  • There are 6 long trestle tables with 36 adult-size chairs.
  • There are 4 low tables and 30 chairs suitable for children.

What are the conditions of use?

  • Alcohol - The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on church premises and alcohol must not be available at your function.
  • No smoking inside the building please. 
  • Sticky tape is NOT to be used on walls as it damages the paint.
  • The hall and toilets must be left clean and tidy after use. A cleaning fee of $25 may be charged if the hall is not left as per instructions in the hall. Instructions are in the hall and will also be mailed prior to hire.
  • A fee may be charged for damage or breakages.

Do I need insurance for a one-off event?

Please note that you must hold public liability insurance. If you do not hold insurance and your event is a one-off, private, non-commercial function, you can apply for insurance through the church’s insurance provider. This takes approximately 3 days to arrange and instructions are below. You are free to use an existing insurance policy you hold which will cover the event, or to source insurance independently.

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